HUD Questions


A couple of questions about the HUD.

How do I make the HUD display color as HSV?
I tried setting HSV in preferences, but it still shows RGB on HUD.

When changing color via the HUD, the preview icons in the Material Manager and in the Object Manager does not update automatically :hmm: (render materials updates it though).

How do you get the HUD to render? I checked the option… Maybe I just don’t understand what its supposed to do.



the first question is a current limitation of the colour optino in the hud, that one almost didn’t get in at all so for now we’ll take what we can get.

I’m not sure if anything can be done about that or not, I’d say limitaiton but they might be able to fix it. Hadn’t actually noticed that one myself, thanks for mentioning I’ll make sure they know about that.

as for number three, while you turned on the option to render in the render settings, you also need to specify what elements to render, you can do this by right clicking on a HUD element and checking RENDER. this allows you to pick and choose what shows up. things like FPS and how many objects are selected, are kinda pointless to have render.


Thanks Kai, I was looking for that one :thumbsup:


Too bad for now, but with Maxon, there is hope; nothing worth buying XSI over… :wink:

OK, now its rendering. :applause:



small issues like that tend to get looked at in the free upgrades too so I wouldn’t worry, its now on my list of tings to bring up regarding HUD. the HUD is my favourit R9 feature.


It is true that it’s a great feature, far better than Max’s HUD interactive Gizmos.
That one is cool when working with character animation, for example, if you don’t own Visual Selector.
And we don’t see yet the full extent of it…


dose anyone else have probs with the hud when changing view, even when absolute is on, items in the hud go all frantic and end up in different places


huh, nope, don’t have that kind of problem.
Have you tried deactivating OpenGL to check? It could maybe come from there?
Don’t know well enough these new stuff to be of any help, sorry… :shrug:


Is it possible to group different HUD-windows into one, let’s say having one large HUD instead of different ones scattered all over the viewport?



Only the properties you have selected on time of creation will be put in a single HUD


OK thanks again Srek


not entirely true, use shift to select multiple HUD elements and then you can group them. However do note that in R9 there are currently some limitations on groups that single HUD elements don’t have, such as follow, or being linked to pecific objects and displaying when a specific object is selected and such.


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