Hublot - - A Wristwatch Model, Saeed Kalhor (3D)


Title: Hublot - - A Wristwatch Model
Name: Saeed Kalhor
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s

i was try to make some images for Expose4 and show my modeling talent.
i find some images of that awesome wristwatch and i see it have enough detail to make a good model.
and this is the result.
i model it by Npower PowerNurbs Plugin for 3dsmax with help of Rhino.
All parts modeled (include that checker board).
the top ring modeled by Polygons because it was easyer.
The checker board made in Rhino du to it’s power in Surface modeling.
All other parts modeled by PowerNurbs.
and Finaly rendered by Brazil r/s.
Do you think it can be in Expose4 ??

This is HiRes:

here is a original resolution metal part of image:

this is full res of the watch’s face (Click on image):

and with Steel material:

and some hires parts to see what i’m do on materials:


i like those details…you are very good on measuring the materials…well done…but i think you need a better background dude…because your basic background has decrease the quality of your scene at the moment…nice render anyways!


Very nice.
Modeling is perfect. 4 stars for modeling.
I think that ur scene weeknes is that’s rendering. :slight_smile:


WOW, man it’s a high quality model,I like the lighting, and the scene isn’t that bad, the contrast between colors is very pleasant and the level of details is at the top.
No crits, just admiring the beauty. :thumbsup:


wow,stunning modeling,the metal is one of the best materials i have seen so far…its really crits at all…:eek:


iki_namida: thank you, i can’t agree with you about background. a simple background can help to show a product better. if look on some of product images you’ll find many of them on simple background.:wink:

Ali3dartman: mercy, but many people said render is very good. what’s wrong for you :curious:

blenderman: thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Maryam: thank you my friend :slight_smile: that metal part taked 16h to render :argh:


Excellent Work:)
karato dar pcg bebinim


Thank you afsaneh


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