They also seemed to hint at tuning into IBC in september to see more about character animation… or was I hearing things?


Could someone post an overview of the event/new features/timeline? I’ve seen some stuff about node based modelling etc which looks great.



Will there be an R22 then? Or is it all ‘S’ from now on?


S for Subscription versions, R for general releases.


So R22 is being released in September? Have we had any news on new features?


It was said that the new features would be presented at IBC (september), but there was generaly a gap between the announcement and the actual release previous years, so who knows when R22 will be available.


I’m guessing subscribers will get it the day it’s announced, just like they did with S22. Since the S22 announcement didn’t muck around and had immediate availability R22 could well do the same. Folks who want a boxed version might have to be more patient, maybe.

New feature confirmed for R22 - the tech demo of Neutron that Rick played with in the Siggraph video, minus the new GUI that Maxon will soon bring in to make things more fun and understandable.

New feature strongly hinted for R22 - new character animation tools. Paul Babb and Dave McGavran indicated they’re imminent and you’ll hear more in September.

And the good news noted in passing by Dave McGavran, the Neutron stuff is just a tech demo and they have a good bunch of new features (not just the character animation stuff) that are under wraps until the September announcement.

Fun times ahead as 3D Kiwi used to say.


This is pretty cool stuff. Of course when I hear “tech demo” I get a little nervous and I think of things like Pro Render (had to pause a minute and look up the name of that one-----never used it beyond the inital testing the day it was released).

Although I would love to get R22 in September like we’ve been used to, at least I can see we are heading in an exciting direction. Fingers crossed its a few months and not a few years till these features are ready. Thanks for sharing.


Indeed, between a techdemo quickly put togheter and a final product perfectly integrated into the software, there’s a long road, and who knows how long it will take till we get a seamless experience?

Hell, there’s not even a single material system perfectly integrated in C4D, but 3 (standard, PBR/reflectance only, nodal), and the same goes for native renderers, and dynamics, particles…

In the end it’s a bit of a mess, so hopefully this will be also a way to tidy up legacy stuff and revert to a slick workflow.

Also, some of the new stuff don’t work as well as the old ones (Asset manager vs texture manager, Teamrender) which is a bit embarrassing.

It’s a relief though to see that maxon is really trying to future proof it’s codebase.


And to add, on the bright side I gotta commend David and Maxon for finally hearing its customers and being more transparent regarding the pipeline. I like this approach vs having no clue whats coming next.