How's this cloth animation?



need your opinion.

First test render…

shitty mocap data, no hand animation, but anyway

Here it is…

Shirt should be somewhat silk like, the skirt more heavy fabric like denim.

I couldn’t add thickness, cause i was rendering out subd’s and when I extruded the polygon cage the maya software render always crashed with “memory exception thrown”. same with mental ray…


not bad,
re shirt:
to springy, increase spring damps
increase collision damp/friction
have no col bounce
decrease global damp
try a solve without self env
or reduce dynamic damp/friction
maybe increase gravity or mass too
reduce or remove air

reduce dynamic damp/friction
increase col friction/damp
have no col bounce
maybe increase gravity or mass too
reduce or remove air

easier said then done…



Not too shabby. I see you got that shirt working.

The skirt looks pretty good overall. Seems too bendy/wrinkly on top for denim, it looks about right for thick cotton. The bottom of the skirt looks good in the back, but to me it looks like the topology in the front makes it curve away from the body (which is correct in most skirts), but with the rigidity of the fabric it tends to looks quite odd during the walk cycle.

Watch the self friction on the shirt, the front corners tend to cling to themselves throughout.

Ditto on what jmartin said with the settings, they “should” fix most those problems.


Glad to see the community is still alive :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your replys!

I think I better post my cloth attributes here so it is easier to see where the problems are.

Gravity: -0.25
Global Damp: 0.008

For the cloth values look at the screenshots please.

I am working in cm scale. My character is about 165 units tall.

Some explanation: I know the Sub Sampling value of “1” is insane, but I didn’t care for computation time and wanted the simulation to be as accurate as possible. There were some problem areas which were solved by this sub sampling value.
Well to be honest I was also too lazy to go in frame by frame and sculpt out penetration.
Also I went ahead and increased the Mass Density to get a faster sim and in turn I decreased the gravity. This made it necessary to also increase the stiffness of the silk presets a bit.
The skirt uses the Denim preset, but also an increased Mass Density and decreased Gravity.

I just see that all my Colliders have Damp and Bounce values of “0”.

The Friction for the colliders are
Shirt On Body : 0.7
Skirt On Body : 0.3
Shirt On Skirt : 0.1

@ekg9 No I didn’t get the shirt working. I remodelled it from scratch with cleaner quad topology. :frowning:


Nice! How long did it take to simulate? Everyone says that syflex is super fast, but i cant seem to get a decent simulation that doesnt take forever…



A couple of hours. Can’t really recall exactely. Took me so long because I cranked up Subsampling to 1 to fix some interpenetration. I was too lazy to go in on a frame by frame basis to sculpt out these issues. Without subsampling i ran the sim with 1fps. The cloth pieces are quite high poly count.


I’m just learning Syflex so I don’t know if you want to hear this critique, but here is what I see just from understanding how fabric moves in real life:

The shirt seems a little stretchy or too bouncy, and I agree with the guy who said that the skirt rinkles a little too much.

I haven’t done anything as detailed as this yet so I’m not sure how hard it is to even get this nice of a result.

I really like how it moves when she spins around. The cloth reacts very nice.


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