How's the experience of sculpting with a bluetooth wacom tablet?


I’m gonna buy a new tablet for sculpting in zbrush.
So, how’s the experience of sculpting with a bluetooth wireless connection to PC?
Is there any laggy? or other uncomfortable things? Is it suitable for sculpting?

I’ll be very thankful for your advise~


It depends on a few factors. Not the least of which is how good your computer is. I’ve always had a pretty good experience, but my MSI laptop (purchased in January of this year) does get weird in Zbrush once the polys get near 500,000 or so, and it becomes nigh unusable at 1million, so I end up just plugging it in. I suspect the issue is sub-par Bluetooth in the laptop, combined with a bottleneck in the CPU somewhere, but never really bothered to chase it down. It works great plugged in, so I’d rather not spend the time.

In PS I never have any issues with the Bluetooth. It seems to be limited to zBrush, and to this specific laptop. Outside of what I’ve mentioned here, the Wacom BT experience has been pretty solid for me.