Hows everyone doing over here?


Hows everyone doing over here?

ppl rarely post in this channel.



I’m just busy learning the new Deep UV program and the new features in Deep Paint 3D version 2. So haven’t had much time to talk. :slight_smile:

Deep UV is really very cool! Quite different from Texture Weapons. And I like the new features in DP3D too. Some really nice little additions like splines (yay!) and a really nice preview where now you can see what your brush stroke is going to look like (including the bump and underlying canvas texture) before you paint it.


. . . Kim


Real cool, what exactly does deep uv do, just setup uv sets? Ive been using deepaint 1.6 for sometime and just recently got 2.0. Ive got to spend some more time on it now.


Yes - Deep UV is basically a program to set up the UV mapping of an object. It has some really awesome features for laying out those complicated areas of an object.

And they put in some really cool tools for taking care of those overlapping UV’s as well.

They have a demo of the program at their site - might be worth your while to go ahead and download it and play with it if you are interested. It works with no limitations for 30 days so you can really use it for a couple “real life” projects probably before it expires on you.

And they have a couple nice tutorials on using it at their site as well. :applause:


. . . Kim


I’m still usign DP3D/TW 1.6. I have not even looked at the features of 2.0 yet. I need to drop by their website and take a look but the beer in my left hand wont let my right hand do the clicking. Seriously, I plan to check it out soon.


I really only use dp3d for blending seams. Im not really used to painting in 3d. Im too used to Photoshop. If adobe made a 3d paint app i would be in heaven. :drool: Or if dp3d had a preset that would give ya all the common adobe shortcuts. :stuck_out_tongue:



So Sama3D,

You paint your maps in Photoshop then? And then what do you do - you just bring your textured model into DP3D just to blend the seams together then?

I’m just curious as to what your workflow is.

What 3D software are you using? And do you use that 3D software to then set up your UV’s?

Up till Deep UV I’ve been just initially setting up my UV’s in Lightwave and then doing the main UV mapping with Texture Weapons. Then I would paint with DP3D. But you know, I never really thought of working how you do - painting in Photoshop and then using DP to blend the seams.

So what DP tools do you use to blend the seams together. I’m thinking it might be difficult to actually match the colors and painting techniques between the 2 programs so do you just use some blend tools in DP?

Like I said - just curious and always willing to learn new tricks!


. . . Kim


These two tutorials on my website explain my total workflow. Its quite easy and makes setting up UVS fun. :stuck_out_tongue: These two tutorials were written for maya but you can use the same principles for LW. Actually LW is were I got my developed my workflow. gotta love LW!!



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