Howling wolf, Massimo Righi (3d)


Title: Howling wolf

Name: Massimo Righi

I’m re-working my wolf model, here is an howling test.
Medium render quality settings (AA5) - about 6 minutes per frame.
Maya/Arnold/Shave and a haircut



This is beautiful!


wow beautiful !!


Thanks for the comments! I’m very glad for the front page :slight_smile:


Wooow… That’s wonderful. How much time did you give for this project?


Thanks! I worked on and off on the base model for long time but let’s say just a few days to texture it and do the grooming.


Amazing work!! the Front Page post was definitely deserved. Well done!


Very good, I like it … I guess your works are about organic stuff than other stuff, yeah?


Yes, it’s right, I try to do organic and creature modelling :slight_smile: