Howling, Massimo Righi (3D)


Title: Howling
Name: Massimo Righi
Country: Italy
Software: Maya, mental ray

Just another illustration with my wolf model. I’ ve tried to achieve my childhood vision of it.
Maya for modelling, rendered with MentalRay, Shave and A Haicut for fur.
The background is 3D, I’ ve used a textured sphere with self illumination for the moon. The trees are polygonal.
Rendered in two passes and composited in photoshop, where I’ ve played with contracts and color gamma.
The highres rendering is 2544x3588 pixels.

Here is a crop of the actual size:

I hope you like it:)


Great model and the fur is absolutely awesome. Very impressive

Good job!


the combination of the hard light is impressive…


Is it me, or is the moon too big!!!

The wolf is fantastic, very nice fur.


wow amazing modeling i like it the hire is very good but i think if u wont added eyes in ther i think is very good ok

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


Wow, the wolf looks almost real! And the fur is amazing, this is one of the best fur model I’ve seen on CGS. I think it could go in the 3d choice awards (I vote for you)

Good job!!


wow!!! fantastic!!!:applause:


nice textures effect


Awesome,love the fur :thumbsup:


Stunning work, best 3D far! I agree a little with PKD - it’s a bold composition, using some artistic freedom with that large sized moon. However, a 3D master piece. :arteest:


Very nice work. fur is superbly done.


Absolutely amazing.:bowdown:


CG hair is a hard thing to master but you have done it with perfection. The degree of detail and balance with the hair is flawless. Very well done.


this is a stunning piece. congrats!!!:eek:


wow, this is one of your best works! the fur and pose is excellent! congratulations dude, great job!


Awesome work! Excellent Details.


very nice man, i loved it very much,fur master!


Great job

The wolf model / fur are perfect .
The constrast white moon / Black forest really make the picture teeling a story .

I especially like the choice of extreme Size relation ship between the different elements of this picture .

Again great job ^^


Terrific job

[plugged on the front page]


Awesome fur style :slight_smile: yepp this is the front page pic. :beer: