How write to stdout and stderr


I found only dosCommand(“echo hello”)


mxs or sdk ?


maxscript, of course


explain what you want to do.


Python application runs various software (max, maya etc) with scripts and catches stdin и stdout. It collects information and errors (vray errors, 3dmax version, plugins list, texture list, scene information). I know that 3ds max can be run in server mode (using a named pipe), but I didn’t find documentation, so I use a common solution for all applications at once.


does it mean that you want to write some data from max to by something else (Python application for example) opened process std output? or you only want to write into the command prompt?


What do you mean by “command prompt” ": windows console, max console, something else?
I want something like that:
“3dsmax.exe” -mxs “dosCommand(“echo hello”)” 1>stdout.log 2>stderr.log
but without dosCommand… maybe


what process you want use? “cmd” or anything else? if you are ready to use dosCommand we talks about “cmd” process.


Give this a try, works for me:


that’s why i want to know what exactly needed.


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