How would you UV this?


Trying to copy/model this pic for practice. I’ve modeled the location pin. But not sure how I would UV this so that the bricks line up from the front face to the side, as in the pic I’m trying to copy. Any input/thoughts would be so much appreciated (I totally didn’t think this would be this hard to figure out … been working on it for a couple of days).


Hm… I’m not sure you can unwrap it in a single piece.
What I would do is this:
Assuming the bricks go horizontally on the texture.
Then manually adjust the “side” UV’s, to line up bricks as much as you can.
And finally, use some 3d-painting software, like Substance Painter or MARI, or whatever. To fix seams.


Thanks much for the input Kligan. Yeah, it’s the parts where the sides meet the front or the back, getting the bricks to line up but not look warped on either the side or the front/back, that I’m having issues with. The curve of the location pin shape is definitely giving me challenges in making the bricks look not warped where I get the side to meet the front/back. I’m using Substance Designer … tried Triplanar mapping in SD, and I think if I could only get it to project on two axes instead of all three, I could maybe make it work, but I don’t think I have an option to only project it from two angles … hence going back to trying to solve it through better UV mapping. Thanks for taking the time and the input!


In case it helps anyone else (maybe other newbies, like me), came to the realization that when I had the model smoothed (as in my pic of the maya model of the location pin that I made), the curved edge between the front/back and sides made it much harder to get the seams to blend. I noticed on studying the reference pic that the same edge is very hard, i.e, it’s not a smoothed model. So unlocking the normals and hardening the edges on my model made it much easier to make the UVs work and achieve the effect. (If you look closely at my pic from SD showing the bricks lining up front to side, you’ll notice that some corner/edge bricks are a slightly different shade from the front to the side. The mortar lines are lined up, so it makes the effect work).

In the end (again, in case it helps anyone), I did a planar map on the front and back and the sides (the sides were broken into three … one for each side and one ‘side’ for the top). Then I lined up the UVs so that the corresponding/matching UVs on the sides and the front/back were lined up vertically.