How would you go about creating a "scan"-like, light travelling over 3D objects effect?


I’m having difficulties finding a reference for this, so I’ll try to explain it best I can.

Basically the effect is light pulsing from a particular point in 3D space and then travelling out from that spot, over the ground and 3D objects in the scene. A bit like the red beam of a laser scanner but instead of just a thin line its moving out from this starting spot and covering everything.

The reason I can’t just simply do it with a light that grows bigger is that I want the light to actually appear to be travelling over every surface. So if it was going over a wall for example, it would actually have to climb up and then down the wall rather than just continue forward at the same speed.

I hope this all makes sense. Does anyone know a good way to go about doing this?


Try using a squashed area light, with an animated texture to mimic a laser scanner?