how to write a rollout like the max command panel?


top rollout’s Width can be adjusted
the sub rollout can Automatic arrangement
sorry my english very poor:blush:


I have done this and can be seen in the Walter rig on my site. The code is not open how ever. It is a pain to do, you need to manage it all your self as there is no Max command that does it.

What you need to do is have a series of subRollouts all side by side. The rollouts that you want to display will be placed in the subRollouts depending on their length and the lengths of the subRollouts. I set up a case statement that would control the width of the main rollout, as it is resized I pop it’s width to predefined sizes that any number of the sub rollouts. You then get the length of the first rollout you want to display and place it in the first subRollout, check the length of sub1 against roll1.height+roll2.height and decide if you are going to place roll2 in the first sub or the second if it is visible.


That sounds like fun… :slight_smile:



thanks pen,:bounce:
i know


Oh it was lots of fun. What ever happened to modeling and texturing I wonder? Do people still do that sort of thing;)


Not in my little world, but if I look around the office I see people actually not scripting and I wonder what’s wrong with them…


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