how to use video tutorials?


I was wondering how to best use video tutorials, like the gnomon ones. Should one have maya runing the same time try to do what they do on the video? or first watch the video, then do and model somting oin my own and go to the movie when one get stuck?

Basicly, how do one best use a video tutorial use it to leran the technic/tool the video tutorial is suposed to lern you :slight_smile:


Id probably watch them first. Then run the tutorials while following along with your app. then keep the tutorials for the future when you want clarification on something. Or just send them to me… their all pretty decent options… :slight_smile:


I think you’ll figure it out as you go. Pop on the video and follow along, if you miss something, that’s what the pause button is for. It’s one on one, replay it as often as you want. Just jump right in, watch, watch again, follow along, it’s up to you.

Have fun,



Is there any free video tutorials around about any program for a newbi :slight_smile:


Actually I have a range of online video tutorials dealing with just this matter. :slight_smile:


-step1: sit infront of the glass side of the monitor (not infront of the side with all the cables coming out of it) with your chair rotated so that your eyes are facing this very side we just discussed.
-step2: turn the monitor on

2 important basics that people seem to often forget.


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