How to unfuck my display ? ( scanline looking shading )


HI, can anyone tell me, how I get the normal display of my models back ? ( see picture ) Thanks in advance.



It goes away if I append the tools to a new tool but it would still be nice to know what the general solution is.



Are those objects from an older version of zbrush by any chance? Do they have layers? I had similar issues loading old tools (with layers) in R7x64, some of the models were totally destroyed while some kind of looked like what you are experiencing, the 32 bit version didn’t have the problem if i remember correctly. If this happens at startup with all tools then something could be wrong with the config and require a re-initialization. I’m afraid that’s the best support i can offer.


Nope, all created in Z4R8 and no layers.
They where normal until I did “something” , I was about to use the clip curve brush, when all of a sudden, they looked like that.
I figured I had hit some sort of hot key combo for some strange shading.



Make sure the new gizmo has “transpose all selected subtools” option disabled.


“transpose all selected subtools” did not change the way it displays the models : (



Are you on P2?
Try CTRL+SHIFT+ drag on canvas while having the “transpose all selected subtools” option enabled. This should clear the selection.


AHH there it was ! that worked : ) thanks a lot !