How to turn animated camera into many still cameras in 3ds max?


Ah, Hi. The studio whom I am working for handed me with a task of camera projection related thing, since my 3ds max is self learnt, I am lacking in knowledge in random area… here the thing, I want to turn the imported animated camera from PFTrack into 3ds max from an animated state to many still camera in order for me to be able then port these selected individual camera into Mari to be edited later, since not one image has every facet of information needed, I really need multiple camera projection, look, my studio doesn’t have Nuke, so it will have to be downed to PFTrack>3Ds Max>Mari to complete the job. Please help. Most appreciated.

Thank you


at each frame:

  • select camera + target
  • clone as copy
  • remove aimation from new camera

so, select your camera+target and run a script like this:

theCamera = selection as array
newCamera = #()
numFrames = 100

for i=0 to numFrames do
	slidertIme = i
	maxOps.CloneNodes &theCamera newNodes:&newCamera
	deleteKeys newCamera

hope it helps, if you need something more advanced ask in script-forum
me not a scripter.


oh, I see. Thanks. I think I would try the manual/first method as I only need a few cams. but many thanks!!