How to start in CG art? (Help the newbie)


I have a very long time dream. Work in Blizzard. Tried to program, but nothing happened. I drew before, but it was like a hobby. I do not have an art education. Now I decided to take it seriously, but I ran into the problem of all newcomers to CG. I do not know where to start and how to develop it. I need … a plan or something like that.
I will be grateful to all the advice.


Well to start with try a manageable project either hardsurface or a simple character that will hopefully be fun as well as informative which luckily you’re pretty much spoilt for choice nowadays in terms of 3d app or tutorial resources to choose from so I’d advise simply jumping in getting your feet wet making something from scratch and see how you go from there.

Now lets see, here’s a couple of good examples to illustrate what’s on offer currently at one’s fingertips online: (by the way doesn’t have to be Blender, find a package that suites and you’re comfortable using)

Complete Blender Game Art Tutorial. From zero experience to 2D or 3D game ready asset

Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity
(resource files are included)

Also I’ll share a nice read not only chock full of extremely helpful info but how someone went about fulfilling their particular dream becoming a 3d Artist, just one of many great stories/testimonials out there.



Oh, I completely forgot to mention what I meant 2d art, but thanks a lot for the advice (tell my friend who wanted to learn 3d :))

I started to study photoshop, I learned the basics of the work. Now I’m trying to draw something, but because of the lack of experience, you start working on something that you can not do. Can someone tell me some lessons on drawing in Photoshop? It is desirable from scratch.


If you want to learn how to use a software, then there are tons of tutorials on the web–just search for “how to draw in photoshop” or something like that. But if you want to learn how to actually draw and paint and not just how to operate software, then you need to learn the foundations of visual art. A good place to start is to read the sticky threads in this sub-forum: