How to solve the support edges for all the junction in this voronoi chair


Hi guys, I am having difficulties on doing this in 3ds max, basically this is the model that i was trying to create:

I have done until the part where i have created the polygon like this:

The problem here is that after I use Shell modifier and OpenSubdiv, I got more “globular/circle-ish” compared to the original image, this is the look after I apply shell modifier and OpenSubdiv:

I have noticed that in order to maintain the voronoi shape of the actual polygon, I need to add support edges for all of the juntion (see picture below):

it will be cumbersome to keep having to do this manually one by one, are there better way of doing this?

also even if I have done adding the support edges, I wouldnt get the pipe result, due to the nature of OpenSubdiv

see the image below for the desired looks:


am I doing it wrong or can someone please give some advice on how to solve t his problem?

Thank you in advance!


I’ll assume you use the graphite tools (skin) to create the topology.

  • go back to your earliest stage, before you did the inset on each face
  • select all edges, create shape (use the dialogue and pick linear)
  • now you have your spline, world’s your oyster…chuck a renderable spline on it or sweep that gives more option with tubing profile.


Download another way to do it Here
Inset by polygon, Push selected polygons back a bit. Then delete those polys. Quad-chamfer everything else remaining with 2-segments and tension 0.5.


may I know why using turbo smooth instead of Open Subdiv? are there any differences?


awesome and smart sollution btw thanks so much!!!


I learned to model before Open Subdiv was a thing in 3ds max and am therefore rather set in my ways if those ways work.

The guy demonstrating Open Subdiv couldn’t model efficiently which meant I never bothered with it.

In this instance smoothing is applied to the whole mesh at render-time. No need for groups, creases etc.

does Open Subdiv yield faster render-times with equivalent smoothing?

Hopefully you got the latest file and not the one in edits 1 to 5.

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