How to smooth edge loops created by bevel?


I’m trying to model an object that has a corner whose bevel edge loops run along a smooth curve.

  1. The bevels in the corner need 3 spans to hold
  2. (&3) The fencing has created an unwanted sharp edge.

I have tried to slide the edges apart, but it distorts the bevel. I have also tried merging the verts to create a triangular shape, but it pinches.

How can I hold the corner at #1 but diffuse the hard edge created? I’ve attached an .obj of the model if you prefer to have a look. (7.8 KB)

Thank you!


Hi, blastframe. Here is how to deal with your problem.
When working on surfaces with the flow or things like cylinders, it all about having nice and dense mesh. When you subdividing you always deal with pinching and stretching. That pinching less noticeable if you have enough loops that define form. Unfortunately, I can’t attach more than one picture, so I’d try to explain with only one :slight_smile:

The first row of the picture shows smoothing without any supporting loops. Red dots represent edge loops. On the second row, there is a supporting edge (green dot). It causes pinching. That is what you have here. You need to add more loops with respect to the form in order to get rid of that pinching as it is shown in the last row. Pinching will not go away completely, but it’d be way better.
Here is the model. I’ve added more loops with edge flow. Now it smoothes better.


This will subdivide nicely and maintain overall smoothness of the main curve.

As mentioned above: with subdivision you will need to balance your desire for crispness with base mesh resolution. If you end up with two loops that define the curve close to each other to control the bevel you might need to add additional loops that you tweak to smooth out the curve.


Thank you both, @Pixla and @PUGAKA!

Apologies for the late reply, I just saw these.

:grinning: Best wishes for you both.