How to set up the initial state for the Hair Tag please? :)


Is it possible to set the initial state i want to select at some time to be started on first frame as i can do it within Cloth Tag?


Simulate->Edit Hairs->Set as Dynamics

From the manual:
Use this option to set an initial state for dynamics. The following will result:

  • When you play the animation, the dynamics will always start from the point this initial state was set.
  • This is also the guide state that will be created when you activate one of the Hair tools in order to edit the guides. This option must be invoked if you want to edit newly created guides to which dynamics was applied to make them fall in a realistic manner.


Thank you it is right that i looked for, i also have found it in the manual, thank you for the answer.

Now i am facing to another problem, i am playing with the falloff noise shader and i want to see it visually right in the viewport, is there any option to show that? I mean to se the falloff shader, is there any options as it was in R20?