How to set Realworld Scaling to textures


Ho do we set Realworld Scaling for textures in Cinema 4D?

In 3dsmax theirs a checkbox for Realworld Scaling and its useful for architects. example: if you have a wall with wallpaper on it and your client wants the room to be bigger so you scale the wall but the texture gets scaled too. The realworld scaling makes it so if you enlarge the wall it adds more wallpaper and if you shrink it then it removes wallpaper texture but it never changes the scale.


well c4d has that somehow as default (if you not use uvw)

if you has a usual mapping like flat or cubic on the wall, and you use the default 100cm setting for the x,y,z parameters in the texture scale coordinates it will behave quite like that.

100% is then 100cm, 200% is 200cm etc (for US/foot/inch etc., set base vale according instead 100cm)
if you change the wall size the texture will keep its original real world size and not scale with the wall.