How to select modifier baseobject without warning box?


I have objects that “editable mesh” with “Unwrap UVW”.
and i want to add edite_poly on modifiers baseobject.
like this

Unwrap UVW
Edit Poly
Editable Mesh
so i wrote this script but i can not work this
because warning box .
and i dont wan to Collapse to all of modifiers.
how i make working whitout script skip warning box.

—script —

fn AddPolyOnMeshBaseFn Obj =
	max modify mode
	select Obj
	modPanel.setCurrentObject Obj.baseObject
	modPanel.addModToSelection (Edit_Poly ())

for n in selection do AddPolyOnMeshBaseFn n


Use this:

addModifier <node> <modifier> [before:index]

In your case:

for n in selection do addModifier n (Edit_Poly()) before:(n.modifiers.count)


thank you ^^
exactly what i want to.