How to select all UV Shell border edges?


[MAYA 2016 SP6]

How do you easily select all the border edges of a models UV shells? I know you can display them in the editor, so Maya knows how to detect them… I just cannot find any way to easily select them.

I can select border edges per shell by double clicking one… but this gets very tedious when you are making many iterations and you have many shells.

None of the selection constraints seem to give me what i want.

The convert selections menu in both the UV editor and the main menu either straight up don’t work or appear to be broken.

Anyone know how i could go about this seemingly simple task?

any help would be greatly appreciated.



select all edges in uveditor… RMB —> select --> shell border



Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work. Like I say, the tools seem to be broken in my opinion.
What that tool appears to be doing is selecting the border edges of the geometry… not the border edges of the UV shells / islands.

I would fully expect the tool you mentioned to do the job I am trying to do… however… it doesn’t :frowning:



are you using the select tool in the uv editor…? cause it does work here…



Yeah. I have tried all the select options. both in the UV editor and the Main menu.
If a UV border edge lies on a geometry edge that is welded, it just will not select that as a UV border edge with those tools. for it to work i would have to separate the edges in the actual geometry … which i don’t want to do.


it does work here in maya 2017



I just ran onto the same issue. I’m on maya 2016, extension 1, service pack 5. It looks like this might be a bug.

I know this is over half a year old, but if it helps as a workaround you can select the shell border using uvs instead (which works) and convert that to vertices and then edges, like so:

  1. Select all uvs
  2. Hotbox > To Shell Border
  3. Hotbox > To Vertex
  4. Hotbox > To Edges > To Contained Edges (This step has to be done in the viewport, as the option doesn’t show up in the UV editor)

Or you can just run this script:“[li]”); mel.eval(“polySelectBorderShell 1”); cmds.ConvertSelectionToVertices(); cmds.ConvertSelectionToContainedEdges()
I found these steps in a 12 year old thread from 2006 here:, so credit goes to cgtriguy. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,



Spent two days on this. Here’s a solution that wont fail when your mesh has tiny geo with low vert counts

import maya.cmds as cmd

def selectBorderEdges(object):'%s.e[*]' % object)
    mel.eval('PolySelectTraverse 2')'%s.e[*]' % object, tgl=True)

object =[0]