How to Rotate faces in Editable Poly


Probably very basic thing, but after few weeks of intense learning of MaxSCRIPT and few days of figuring out how to do this, I’m giving up and asking.
I tried this forum and google and nothing, so I guess it’s something obvious, but I just cannot see it.

Please help, thanks

As a reward and my first contribution to this forum, I made a model of wind wheel with script, that makes it spin in realtime according to sound input (blowing to microphone). If anybody is interested, let me know and I will prepare package and description how to make it work, otherwise I’m busy right now, so that’s why I haven’t done so yet.


Wow… the rotate command doesn’t work… BS…
You’ll have to find the all the verts that comprise the face, compute the center and rotate them the ol’ fashion way… I would consider doing them one plane at a time, similar to the rotate command that is "Rotate <node> <degree> [ x, y , z ] "
good luck


Wicked! That´s certanly very original…


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