how to rig a bird


my bird is single mesh.
i know how to make wings,horse,ant and making car.

where could be COG.

where do people get seperate meshes models like peacock and birds.





Please be more specific on your question so that we can give you a proper answer.




i have rigged this another bird.

how to make wingfold from (min)0 to (max)10.

what else i could add to it.



No one ever shows the wing folding , because that s the tricky part , some tips
in the demo never show every single simple control , for the neck and head you showed every single control every single rotation and so on.

Regarding the rig it s quite simple due to not having feathers and of course the texture stretches like crazy


For more realistic wing animation/setup, you should study a bird’s wing anatomy. The way you rigged the wing for the seagull isn’t following actual anatomy.


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