How to reverse Animation Curve?


Hi, I’m trying to flip the x and the y values of an animation curve in maya. That is, I want to run information through a curve backwards (using the curve.output channel as the input). The information only needs to be queried, so it could be done with a calculation. I’ve tried my hand at this for quite some time now with no success. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
Right now I’m trying to make a duplicate curve and rebuild that backwards. The only problem with that is reversing the tangent angles: something that appears to be beyond me. The tangent angles returned from the keyTangent command seem to be degrees at first glance, however they do not change in a linear fashion. So I don’t understand how to get them into a predictable unit I understand and convert them back again.


Well, I managed to figure something out myself. If anyone needs to reverse an animation curve in the future, here’s the code I came up with. I’m fairly sure it only works with weighted curves though.

global proc inverseCurve(string $curve){
 	//this is closer to reversing a curve, but that is already a named command.
 	int $numKeys = `keyframe -q -kc $curve`;
 	float $tempFloat[];
 	float $yVal[];
 	float $xVal[];
 	float $ox[];
 	float $oy[];
 	float $ix[];
 	float $iy[];
 	for($x = 0; $x < $numKeys; $x++){
 		$tempFloat = `keyframe -in $x -a -q -vc $curve `;	   $yVal[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 		$tempFloat = `keyframe -in $x -a -q -fc $curve `;	   $xVal[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 		$tempFloat = `keyTangent -in $x -q -ox $curve `;		$ox[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 		$tempFloat = `keyTangent -in $x -q -oy $curve `;		$oy[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 		$tempFloat = `keyTangent -in $x -q -ix $curve `;		$ix[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 		$tempFloat = `keyTangent -in $x -q -iy $curve `;		$iy[$x] = $tempFloat[0];
 	for($x = 0; $x < $numKeys; $x++){
 		keyframe -in $x -a -o over -fc $yVal[$x] -vc $xVal[$x] $curve;
 		keyTangent -in $x -ox $oy[$x] -oy $ox[$x] -ix $iy[$x] -iy $ix[$x] $curve;

I would still like to know why the tangent angles in maya don’t move in a linear fashion, if anyone knows. You never know when you’ll need to know stuff like that in the future!


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