How to reset view


I can now longer find my model in the perspective viewport. All other viewports including ortho are fine and have the model centered. Is there a reset camera view in Silo3D like there is in 3DCoat or DAZ3D Studio when you lose your object?

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Thank you very much. I did try the CTRL-F but apparently I was zoomed out too far and the object did not fill the frame and appeared as a tiny dot. I then had to zoom in. I was hoping it would have also zoomed in like in other 3D apps I am familiar with.

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Reassign the shortcut.


I said it worked but did not zoom in as I expected it tooo.


Ctrl F should zoom to fill the view with the selected object. If there are several objects in the scene and none are selected it will zoom to the boundary of all of them.

Are you sure you did not use Alt F (Focus Selection) which which will centre the object in the view but will not zoom.

Maybe you shortcuts are not default.