How to remove custom layouts from the layout switcher?


Hi guys,

So I added a custom layout to the layout switcher (or rather it happened automatically when I created the layout) and deleted my layout since then but it is still visible under the layout switcher (the ctrl + tab one). I can’t find a way to remove it from that list, does anyone know how to do this?



Ali - Sorry about that. It’s a known bug we’re working on.

Basically, deleting the layout doesn’t fully delete every aspect of it. For the current 701 build, you could kill your entire config, but you’ll lose the rest of your UI changes, default options, preferences and so on.

You can also manually delete just the config fragment for the layout, which will preserve everything else. If you open your config file in any text editor, you should find a fragment like

<hash type="Layout" key="edit.YourLayoutName" val="applicationLayout">

Deleting that should fix it.


Ahh no worries. Thanks for the heads up Andrew!


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