How to recreate this hard-as-hell step on facial rig setup?


Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m fighting with this for almost a whole day. I watched the workshop of Judd Simantov on facial rigging. Everything was okay before he just stepped over the one exact moment which now I don’t know how to recreate. The thing is that in the beginning we had THIS kind of rig setup how it looks on pictures with N1 (the author hid neck/head skeleton while creating the jaw, so I’ve put two pictures). And in a moment we had a new kind of rig like it looks on pictures with N2. What’s happened? We had a joint going from the jaw to the end of the head, and now we have this joint just stopping in the middle being connected to something looking like a square. No connection between the jaw joint and the end head joint. Also, before we didn’t have these all joint together. A mean, all of them (facial joints, neck skeleton, jaw skeleton) were seperated into different hierarhies (obviosly, because this is how it was created). And now we have all of them being in the ONE heirarhy, where the main joint is the first neck root joint. What the hell… And the most strange for me, is that all these joints (which were separated) are now connected to the main hierarhy like if they were parented when you hit the P on keyboard (not constraint, I don’t see any constrains in the Outliner), but they cannot be parented because they don’t have visible connection with those main joints, they stay alone on the face, this is not how Parenting works (or I don’t know something?)
Yep, this is it. Hope for your help. Any hint would be a real gift. I’m a new one in the rigging.


Could be shape parenting, could be constraints, could be several ways of doing this. If you were to show your outliner if you can, that would be more helpful in trying to answer the questions you have.


Yeah, here it is:
As I said, in the beginning all these hierarchies were separated (every joint on the face is a separate object, jaw structure is a separate hierarchy, neck/head root is a separate hierarchy). And now we have all these hierarchies being connected like if they were parented. But how they can be parented? I know that when we parent two joints we automaticly get the bone between them. But on the pictures with N2 I don’t see bones between, for example, the jaw structure and neck structure, face joints and head joint. There’s nothing in here. Only this strange square in the middle of the head.


Can you select the square shape you see in the middle of the head and show that in the outliner.


Screenshots were created from the workshops’ videos, but when I open the project file I see the same case, but there is a joint instead of a square. Don’t pay attention to all these constrains in the outliner, they were created right after hierarchies were already combined together. Questions are still the same. I activated X-ray joints mode, so every bone should be shown now and they really are. I selected this joint, where the squre was placed, and this joint controls all other joints on the face and head (what is logical, this joint is in the top of hierarchy), but these joints aren’t parented to it like when we hit the P button on keyboard, because there’re no connecting bones between all these “child” joins and this Head_anim joint


(Sorry if something in my text seems to sound strange, I’m not an English native speaker and I’m trying my best to explaing my problem c: )
Here is one more question, actually: in this workshop I see that facial joints are not connected to the neck/head structure, there’re no tons of connecting bones going from each facial joint to the main joint in the middle of the head. I’ve also downloaded Eisko (you probably heard about it? no?) free project file with facial rig, and there I also didn’t see any connection between facial joints and other. But at the same time I can see completely different situation almost everywhere, facial joints ARE parented to the main bone structure like its shown in this picture. What’s the point? What’s the difference? What are the benefits of doing rig in the first way and in the second?


Sorry for the late response, it’s hard to tell what you’re struggling with, and I understand english is not your native language, that is just fine. It’s just difficult to troubleshoot this without actually looking at the file, which I don’t have time for unfortunately. My guess though, is that there are shape parents happening that make it so the joints don’t “connect” as you’ve described. I do this quite often, the only other explanation would be constraints. Also, what version of maya are you using?


I’ve just managed with it :smiley: Thanks anyway for your attention to my problem) This square in the middle is just joint’s draw style. Facial joints were parented to the main root, but I didn’t see the connections because of the Draw Style of the main root. I saw in the Attribute Editor in the Draw Style tab it was “Bone” mode, which is normal, and I just switched it to None mode, and then again to Bone as it was in the beginning. And then all these connections appeared! I don’t know why they didn’t do it earlier (Bone mode was there all the time), but these switching to another mode and back really helped. Anyway, the reason - Draw style :smiley: