How to "rearrange" polygons in a mesh


I am looking for a trick to compensate for a very bad modelling technique.

I have modelled an intrinsecated lace (see pic below) by sculpting some pieces and then merging them using the “bridge tool”. Modelling is almost finished and I am planning to UV the lace for now.

I wanted to test something tricky : build a UVed straight disc with exactly the same number of points in another layer then put the lace in a background layer and apply background to morph. My wish is to replace the original lace by this “morphed disc”.

But it does not work, the morphed cylinder gets messy (see pic 2). It is because the polygon definitions of the original lace is not arranged in the same way.

Is there any way to rearrange the polygons of my original lace so that the morphed cylinder becomes exactly similar to it.

Is there any other trick I could apply ? I know I could rebuild a spline with the original lace and rail extrude a flat disc. It works and should not be complicated. The problem is that I have longer laces on the object which the above Doc Marten’s shoe is extracted.


Eek. I can’t think of any “easy” way.
I’d either make one long lace, surface, then lace the boot either with bones (yuk) or create a morph in Modeler and lace it there. Either way is a manual way, though.

I’d be interested to see if there’s an easy trick.


You can rearange the point count so both can morph with “Mesh Reknitter”

just select 2 obvious polygons of one mesh, use Reknitter, then select the same 2 polygons on the second object ( in the same order ), also do a Reknitter on that object. And when all went well, you can morph them.

there’s also another plugin available that does the same thing but I cannot recall the name. So if Meshreknitter doesn’t work, you might want to do a search for this other one.


This works… Absolutely brilliant… Thanks you so much man


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