how to place all uv maps on one snapshot


Ok. I want to try to put all uvs from different objects into one uv layot and be able to snapshot them so i can use one single texture .


Glad we could help.


is there a way in maya to do so


I have no clue what software you are using, so I’ll assume you’re able to cross platforms.

This is not difficult to do, I’d simply do it in UVMapper Classic. Export your base (as in no subdivision) geometries to Wavefront OBJ.

Load the first into UVMapper, select all (control+a) and size it, place it where you want it to be. Save the model and save the texture template. Load the next one and you can call up the texture you just created as a background image you can avoid overlap. Select All, size it, and continue till you’ve done all of this… then take your obj files back into whatever software you’re using.

You can use Photosheit or GIMP to put the texture templates together…


It needs to be done in MAYA ! I will give you more clear example : Horse , Horse seat , Man on the horse - i need one single file for texture , for all 3 things . This means the uvs from all different objects have to be placed in one single uvlayout and exported .


exported to what?

Wavefront OBJ is a base format that the original producers of Maya came up with… you sure you can’t transfer UVS data from an imported OBJ to your native Maya models within Maya? I would think you could do that in something like Maya…


Not , i need to know if maya has such option . I guess the only way is to select multiple objects and snapshot them .


wait, you’ve already placed the UVS in all the right places? So that say, object1 the UVS is in the lower left, and Object2 is, for instance, in the upper right?

If that is the case, all you have to do is export this to a single OBJ and load that OBJ into UVMapper, and save the BMP file which will give you a texture template. Simple.


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