how to paint on one object only


i want to be able to paint solely on one object and not the shape right next it.

it seems i have to lock other objects to avoid them being paint on.

is there another way to do this…and not lock the objects?


isolate the faces you want to paint… and assign each object a different shader otherwise they get the same texture…


do you mean assign each object it’s own Material?


Yes a Material.

Right Click on the object - Assign New Material

Here is some more information and some ideas to play with:

You can only paint on a surface that has a layer. And the layer is linked to the object and the material is assigned to the object - or faces - and uses the information stored on a layer - if there is one - to fill that slot in the Material.

So you are painting on Object A and you don’t want Object B effected. Object B has its own Material but no layer you can just start painting on Object A, as long as the stroke always originates on Object A, it will not spill over to Object B unless there is a Paint Layer on Object B.

If you have paint layers on Object B that you don’t want affected and you want to see them as reference when painting on Object A, simply create a blank layer on Object B and make it the active layer for that object, then hide it.

Another option is to use Masking on the layer you don’t want painted on. (with the mask layer selected “fill layer” with black). Then remove the mask when you are done.

Perhaps there is a more elegant solution I am not aware of, but at least these ideas seem to work. :slight_smile:


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