How to open *.GoZ file



Looong time ago I modeled quite a complex object for 3D print. Now I need to make another print from the same object, but I cannot find the file anymore.
All I found is *.GoZ file which probably contains the object.
But how can I open *.GoZ file?

Thank you in advance for your help!
You will save me at least a week or two of modeling.



could do a word search on your hard drive for the file.
you can all so right click the .GoZ and chose>open with >chose default program
and chose zbrush.
now the file will open in zbrush once you click it, zbrush can be either open or closed once you click the file,
but it will load faster if zbrush is all ready open.


Thank you Informerman!
You saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:



You can also just click the Import button in ZBrush, and the obj format will be one of the formats that appear in the Open File dropdown.