How to offset clones along the spline with falloff? I attached the example image and the project, please help :)


What i have tried so far is that i have cloner object and i have applied the spline effector, it stuck the clones along the spline and then i can offset them along this spline as i would have just cloner set as object and use the spline, then just offseting. But none of these ways give me some options to use falloff to move them forward along the spline one by one as the falloff would go further.

offset object along the spline test.c4d (281.9 KB)

This simple example should depicts the cars in row :wink:

Any idea how to do this simple task please?


you only need a linear cloner and the spline effector in fall-off mode. cheers.

spline_linear_falloff.c4d (197.2 KB)


Thank you, i do not know what i did but your edit works :slight_smile: