How to: Net Render with dependencies


Supposedly MXS netrender submission is fixed in product update 5 - anyone had a chance to test?


i’ve seen 1 or 2 threads / posts saying it’s still broken, even with the latest update. for me personally i’ll be sticking with my ‘hack’ solution because I absolutely need dependencies


Yup, maxscript submission is still broken in 2013 PU5. I just installed 2013 for the first time (after paying $2000 to get back on their subscription program), thinking that after a half year they’d have the major bugs worked out. And as a result I’ve just spent the past 3 hours trying to get my scripts that worked in 2012 to work in 2013. Thanks, AD.

Oh, and thanks for real, Gravey, it looks like this script will make 2013 usable.


the oldest bugs are the once that have never been fixed.


Great work.
I have been trying to work how to send a job with a dependicies for literally years

But I am having trouble with assigning a server by using a dialogue box- basically I am pretty average at Maxscript
I have the following routine to get a list:

m = netrender.getmanager()
try (serv_all = m.getservers filter:#idle) catch ()
serv_array = for i in serv_all collect i
serv_list = for i in serv_array collect (
CreateDialog roll_serv_sel modal:true
s = m.getservers filter:#idle
srv = s[serv_list_number]

I used to have:
job.AssignServer srv
job.submit servers:srv

which worked but I then had to manually assign servers and dependicies whgich was often tedious

I am now trying to use NRA but am having trouble assigning this to nra.specific_servers

can you tell me how I might do this?
as I cant get the syntax right using
nra.specific_servers = #( ???)

Thanks for sharing your work


well your full code is not shown but at the end of what you have shown you end up with a NetServer interface in the variable srv. so since you are submitting to a single server and the nra.specific_servers property must be an array of strings you should use:

nra.specific_servers = #(



I´m on max2014 and in need of some assistance… How do I install this and more importantly which category do I find this in? Been trying to read the ms file but can´t seem to find anything.

Thanks for your time and effort!



this code was never intended to be a complete tool for submitting renders. All it does is automatically ‘press the buttons’ of the standard ‘Submit To Backburner’ user interface dialog which in my experience is more stable than using the NetRender interface and has the added benefit of allowing you to set dependencies. Other scripters can integrate this code into their own tools. There’s no installation or category since it’s not a complete tool.


Aha, I see… So if I add in my information under render manager, and servers in the script file I should just press send to netrender and it takes care of the tedious task of going through the Netrender interface?? If so, I would give my right arm to get this to work :scream:


It’s really a shame that trying to fill a UI with values by on-the-fly-compiling c# scripts is more reliable and stable than the intended netrender API. Gravey, you deserve a medal for sharing this.



I’m at a point now where I need to be able to access the “Use Group” dropdown in the Server Usage section. By any chance have you updated this script to allow dropdown selections to be assigned?



not sure if i’ll ever get around to doing this sorry… but as a workaround i guess you could collect an array of server names in a BB group using the regular netrender interface and then set that as your specific_servers?


Interesting script ! Thanks for sharing.

I was wondering if I may borrow the topic for a sec…

I’ve made a simple submit script for BB but once it submits it sends an animation that saves files with numeric ending > 0000 0001 00002 etc etc. Would any1 know what command I need to use to just submit a single 1 frame so I get name.exr and not name0000.exr?

Sorry again for theft and thanks for help !


*** Found the solution ***
It seems that the latest backburner changed the order of the fields again as it happen for 2013 hence the solution on previous page applies in reverse.

First of all, thank you so much for making this script! Been using it for a while and it’s just amazing!

Just updated yesterday to the latest backburner (2015.02.1699) and it breaks the submittal process… I get a first message saying “Manager Not Defined”, then once I click ok on that, after a few seconds I get a second one saying “Manager does not have enough disk space to receive Job”. Both these errors are thrown by maxnetworker it seems.

Anybody else seeing this? Any pointers on how to solve this (besides getting rid of backburner which unfortunately is the obvious thing to do…)

Thanks in advance!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Peter, i’m a computer graphist designer and i’m just a beginner in Max Script.

Thank you very much for sharing this :slight_smile:

Thanks to it, i finally manage to launch renders with my old script that was working good with 3dsmax 2012.
Unfortunatly, since 3dsmax 2013 my old script was not working anymore.

I just have one last problem. I’ve combine this script with mine. My old script can automatically change renders output names, depending on several selected elements, thanks to this code :

my_job.frameOutputName = (maxFilePath+“render/”+elem+"/""_"+picture_name+"_0"+j.modifiers[#EditeurElement].layer_Element+".png")

I’ve no idea how to setup render output name with new script. I think i’ve have to modify NetRenderAutomation script in order to be able to change render output in my main script.

Can you help me please ?