How to move just the silhouette with the move brush?


I want the move brush to grab the front and back sides of the mesh silhouette together to modify it evenly no matter how small or big the brush size is.

If people are familiar with Maya’s grab brush there is an option in it called “Grab Silhouette” which does exactly that.

Currently I am doing many hacks like using large brush sizes with masking and sometimes with symmetry but none of these are perfect and tedious to say the least unlike Maya’s grab brush with “Grab Silhouette” option.

Does something like this exist in Zbrush? How do you guys adjust silhouettes?


The only way I know is the way you described, with a big brush size and masking. Have you tried using GoZ to send your mesh to Maya, adjust the silhouette and then GoZ back to Zbrush? It’s still a hack and not really an ideal solution, but maybe easier than the way you’re doing it now.