How to model an earth globe??


Hi all,

Yes its maybe a stupid question but I really dont know how to make that correctly:

I need to create a earth globe starting from a grid, lets say 3,14mx1m I tryed with spherize but its apparently not the good way, even with a bent plane on 360degrees spherize still making me a big hole on the tops :banghead:

The fun thing is that I not found any tutorials on how to make this “simple” thing.

So if anyone knows how do that please drop me a line.
By advance thank you verry much.




Verry funny :scream:

I need to create a globe starting form a plane, all the idea is here.
I know how to create a sphere :smiley:


why need to start from a plane?

if i absolutly had to i would put a sphere in the background - then take my plane bend it all over the joint - then use that old legacy plugin - fit to background or whatever its called and if you got the points close enough they should jump to the right place


No I don`t get this method…

But imagine that I don`t have a plane but a grid with earth map as polygons, this will be a problem to fit few thousands of points to the background sphere.

I need a method which makes this with all kind of plane and even with a 3d object like a “flat cube” if you understand what I mean.

My apologies, it`s not easy to explain but I hope you get now what I need :banghead:


here ya go - a plane that morphs to a sphere hope it helps


Err thank you KillMe but I need a modeling method to spherize any kind of plane.

Imagine a modeled terrain (so its a grid plane too but with depth too) with some mountains which you will turn into a sphere. How do that in few clicks without moving points? :curious:


Hm, think I get it, if so, you might get away with making a displacement map from the original grid object, the way to do this is by using a gradient for the Y position in Layout, then render it. Take that rendered image and use it as a displacement map. This method has some limits -seam distorion, plus only a constant incremental value of the Z/X will work with perfect result (I call it “the ZBrush effect”) Use this method in combination with Kilmi’s suggestion.

Can’t think of any better way right now.


Thanks for the idea erikals but it`s not the good way. I need at the end a 3d model and not any combination of disp maps of any kind.

At start a grid (or a 3d terrain but its a grid too from the top) and at the end a sphere. Sounds simple but isnt :banghead:

Maybe with a picture of what I want to create it will be easier to understand…
see that this object have depth too.

Now I`m thinking how to make this from a flat continents object.


I think I understand what you are getting at, I think I have a solution but I need to do a few more tests.

Basically, bend your plane into a half circle in the vertical axis and then bend the half circle into a sphere. Unfortunately I think I may have to do a little math to figure out where the bend centers should be to get a perfect sphere. I’ll try to get back to you.


OK I got it,

First start out with your plane and bend it into a half-circle C shape
You have to bend the top and bottom independently

Then move the half cylinder until it lines up with an axis. If you select the edge point and hit “i” for info you can see exactly how far you need to move it until it hits the axis.

Finally one more bend will get it into a sphere, you have to put the bend center half way into the C.

Some notes: I started with a square plane, so maybe this won’t work for an arbitrary rectangle. The bend tool can be a little tricky, so it may take a little practice getting it to work perfectly, the tool is dependent on the viewport you are in, if it isn’t working try another view.

I ended up with a perfect sphere, I hope this is what you had in mind.


Maaaan thats exaclty what I needed :thumbsup:

I will make some tests with some grids and earth terrains ans send few images of how it looks but I think this is the good method for my project.

Thank you :bowdown:


There was a “Spherize2” plugin that gave much better results than the uncomprehensible “Spherize”.

Well, that’s the kind of thing Flay is good for: somwone has probably done some plugin to this kind of thing! So, in Flay, a search for “sphere” brought a link to

There’s a plug in there that might save you some work.

In order to make a good morph solution you still have to make some operations (like rotating the endsphere, do a BackgoundToMorph, etc) But it makes a perfect sphere out of your plane.

PS: to mke the morph-animation from plane to sphere you get better results to morph first into a cilinder and blend with the morph to sphere.


Thanks alot VirtualFM, this LScript is great and is exactly what I needed.

Because I don`t need to do any animations this tool will match 100% of my needs.

Thanks to all :bounce:


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