how to mldel a socer ball with maya ?


how to mldel a socer ball with maya ?
without bump textures just with modeling tools ?


I guess that’s up to you… but you mean the black and white squares, eh?
You could make those using a bump map if you don’t have to see the soccer ball up close. If it has to be up close and you don’t want the countour to be perfectly circular, I would go for geometry.

Either way, you should pretty much always use some kind of bump map on your materials to make them look more realistic …if that’s what you want to achieve, that is. I’m talking dust particles, scratches, cloth texture, fine pores and so on…


i have the same problem… ill be waiting with u for some answers…


Don’t really know in maya.
But in XSI I would model one single patch (don’t remember how many sides there are on theses polygons… 6 ? 5 ?), and create a sphere. Then use Shrink wrap on the patch using the sphere as the deformer so that the patch is wrapped on the sphere, then simply manually duplicate and place all the other patches and finally merge them together.

In maya you can deform the patch manually to the shape of the sphere.

Of course you have to know how many patches there are on a soccer ball, and what are there size so that you can fill the sphere completely.


You can simply use the geosphere script (or plug in, don’t remenber).
You can find it on (on this page


A soccer ball has hexagons as well as pentagons (6 and 5 sided poligons) for the patches. each pentagon is sorrounded by 5 hexagons and since this can only be done at certain angles between the planes of the poligons, you can just create a pentagon and then put 5 hexagons around it, with the hexagons also being attached to each other. Then continue adding hexagons and pentagons until you finish the entire ball. It’s a lot of micromanagement, but it should work.

Here’s a crazy idea: create the patches from cloth, and stich them toghether, add a radial field to keep the ball inflated (with attenuation and max distance), make the cloth collide with character feet and terrain, and it shoul act like a ball (i hope; i haven’t actually tried it, and odds are it will not work, but it was an interesting idea, you have to admit that :wink: )


[b]“how to mldel a socer ball with maya”

what does this have to do with character setup?


i know its not maya, but over on the luxology website, they have a video on modelling a soccerball with modo. quite interesting to watch. Dunno how useful it’d be when transferring methods to maya though.


There are socerBody and starBody scripts at highend
that can make you a perfect one.
Soccer ball is basicly a icosahedron, when you have one
its only a matter of some extrudes to get a nice soccerball.


The traditional way to model sports-balls is with a painted-on texture and one or more painted-on bump maps. The underlying geometry is a sphere, because that most accurately describes the shape of the object and how it’s supposed to deform and move. (It’s not a geodesic dome after all.)

The texture, which governs basic appearance, is simply copied from photos or made in PhotoShop/GIMP.

Probably two bump-maps will be needed. The first defines the large black creases in-between the various segments of the ball. The second defines the texture and bumpiness of the ball and is much more subtle. One reason for defining two maps is that the second map is much more likely to be what you “tweak” as you adjust the lighting and such.

You may find that you need additional maps to really capture how the ball reflects the light, and/or if you want a dirty ball.


This is for max but its basically just snapping etc anyway so u can do it in maya…



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