How to mirror hair in c4d?


I know I posted this question before at some point in the past and got an answer that solved this issue, but asking again due to my withering brain cells and poor search options on this site.

Whats the best way to mirror a hair setup? Say for eyelashes/brows?



For brows:

  1. symmetry(make editable) at “brow” selection
  2. re-link from selection(brow) to object(will be custom roots from poly area, for example)
  3. set to roots mode and select them, set roots in hair tools

R21 is “horrible” :wink: :open_mouth:, set custom root for 2 step and edit - set roots for 3rd step


Thank you!
Much appreciated


Hi again spireil

I finally got around to going thru these steps, and I am not quite following you, or I am not getting the same results you are at least.

Would it be possible to go into the ddetails of what you are doing in a bit more detail?


LEt me explain things a little better from my side.

I actually have gotten the symmetry object to successfully mirror the individual hair objects I have on my model.

My problem is that redshift does not seem to recognize the symmetry object UNLESS the base geo is mirrored along with the hair obejcts.

Anyone have any luck with this in redshift?

Below you can see how I have things set up.

First image shows the symmetry object turned OFF. You can see the lashes and brows rendered correctly on the eye on the far right.

Second image shows symmetry object turned ON. You can see the hair splines are correctly mirrored on the face. But neither set of hair objects render.


Rather than mirroring the hair sets (which would have been much easier) I ended up painting poly selections on the other side of the face, adding them to the current selections, and then doubling up the amount of hair guides/hairs. required a lot of brushing and tweaking, but it worked.

It seems from what i see that its just a shortcoming in redshift. The symmetry object + hair appears to work in other engines. based on what I’ve found.


yes, i dropped details(grooming). And even for AR, symmetry does not work, while after root operation for new symmetric hairs.

Sorry, i do not use Redshift. I saw that OrnatrixC4D hair has symmetry object-operator, brushes