How to merge Vertex Maps?


Hey! Can somebody help me on how to merge 2 (or more) different Vertex Color Maps (tags) into one (with multiply\add, Vertex-Alpha or anything else)? Any tips appreciated.


Not sure if this will give you exactly what you’re after, but add a Material to the object with the Vertex Color tags and for the Material in, for instance Color, add Layer to the Texture slot, then click Layer and add Shader>Effects>Vertex Map and then click the texture and drag the first Vertex Color tag to the Vertex Map slot.

Now repeat the above to add as many as you need to combine new layers using the Add mode for each additional Vertex Map, dragging the different Vertex Color tags into the Vertex Map slots.


Thanks a lot for you time, but it’s a bit another one case for me) I need to merge two existing Vertex Color Maps into one new…


Not easy, but perhaps this really old Chris Schmidt tutorial will help then:

There is a .c4d file but you’ll need R19 or older to open first if you have newer versions:


Combining vertex maps can be easily done with Fields.

I no longer have C4D on my machine so I can’t knock up an example for you but Fields is your answer. Just think of the layers a photoshop layers and apply the desired blending mode between them.


@Drew Kerr @Infograph Thanks my friends! Will try out both methods)


Create 3 vertex color maps, A, B and Result.

Turn Fields on in the Result Vertex color map and drag A and B maps into this Field. Just blend between these two layers as you would do in a Layer Shader.

This is all from memory so apologies if I’ve overlooked something.


This is just to back up what @Infograph posted from memory. It works well and very easily.

I created a basic screenshot to show it working:


So simple and it works great and fast! Thanks a lot!!!