How to Merge Two edgeloops into one?


Hello! How to merge two edgeloops into one in Silo2. I need to merge together two parts of a model, here is it (blue-colored edges) -

I want to do it in the fastest way, but when I try to Merge vertices, all edges collapse to one vertex point. How to merge edgeloops right?


You can do it in various ways.
-Select the polys that face each other and bridge them, one by one.
-Bridge the last polys, so that there is an enclosed space, then select any edge and ‘fill hole’, then you have to manually recreate the missing edges.
- select the ‘merge’ tool without selecting any vertex or edge, you’ll get a different mouse pointer. Now you can manually merge by selecting a vertex with the tool and dragging over the other one. its quick and easy.

I hope that helps, i’m sure there are lots of other ways, but thats what i remember now.


it would seem one has to ‘stitch’ vertices together this way. No a big deal if its 50, super big deal if its 500.

Given this and a few things so far, it would seem the Bridge tool could use some options and improvements.