How to merge several UV maps to only 1 map?


Hi guys.

I’m totally new using lightwave 3d and I need to know how to merge uv maps to 1.

I found this

But I’m totally new and I dont know what of the many programs i installed i have to use and where that option is, I’d ver really grateful if someone could tell me.



Use Map > Edit Maps > Copy Vertex Map, and enter name of existing uv map.



TrueArt Support answered your question the same way I did on your previous thread.

The reason why this answer doesn’t make sense is that you don’t know what UV maps are. A UV map is a 2D wire frame version of your model which allows you to apply an image as a texture. FYI, UV texturing is confusing to many people, so don’t feel too bad.

What your last thread finally indicates is that you simply want to merge multiple images into one. For that you need to use a 2D image program (photoshop, paint shop pro, etc.). Photo editing is not all that hard but you need the software (other than LightWave) to do it.



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