How to make use of lighting analysis


I’ve seen some tools on lighting analysis, but to be honest I don’t know how to make use of them in order to improve my renders. I suppose lighting is in a sense a matter of perception or even personal taste, depending on the feeling you want to pass through your images, but I’m wondering if there are any general guidelines of even strong “rules” I should follow to provide a more accurate or correct image, or even improve the distribution of light sources in my scene.

Right now I can only see a heat map or candela values with the VrayLightingAnalysis Render Element but I can’t see any clear info on any changes I have to change.

Don’t know if my question makes sense, maybe it’s because I’m a self-taught 3D artist and I’m missing some technical background required.


Lighting analysis is important for real life lighting design, to make sure lighting intensity is in the legal/recommended ranges for human living, it’s mostly for engineers, not 3d artists.

Unless you are designing real lighting that will be installed on site, I don’t see a real use of it for just a concept render, since you can easily change the render lighting without effecting the scene lighting itself with things like exposure.