How To make This Effect


Welcome In linke I attach file max.
Pictures it represents this effect what I want to make.
Please If you can Tell me how to make it .Some settings please render brazil, mental .
This is max file


Photo it represents what effect I want to have:

How to do good texture bootle, material of this glass and water effect etc…
Thx and greet.


I’d suggest breaking your problem down into small solvable bits like this.

  1. Make maps to do the dirt areas, both colour and mattes.
  2. Make a shader that mimics the dirt effect, matte, Oren-Nayer type.
  3. Make glass shader, probably with softer than normal spec as it’s weathered glass.
  4. Any other maps, layers of gunge etc, as both shaders and maps.
  5. Layer 'em up.

Divide and conquer! Always the best problem solving technique.



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