How to make this effect?

#1 6-9sec this geometrical drawning lines?


You could either create the polys and ball-n-stick it with a glowing material, or you could also edge-to-spline that same poly build, then you’ll be able to sweep the whole thing and “grow” your sweep so it can build into the sky in a cool looking way.


i would create that simple model, use the ATOM ARRAY to make it lines, then use a Boole to animate the growth. I would also probably use a white liniment material and render each as a separate pass or object buffer for adding glows and fun stuff in compositing…

That’d be my quick and dirty way of doing it…


I think it was done with Plexus, an After Effects plug-in. It would be much easier to set up a basic shape in C4D, export an OBJ (or OBJ sequence) apply Plexus to the geometry and a render it in AE.


I’d use Atom Array to create the mesh, then render it as a still. Then composite the growth in post.


Thanks for help guys, try to make it with atom array, but with plexus its really good idea because like other motion graphics its finally going to ae so why do not finish this in here. Sorry for ENG. ))


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