How to make textures like this?


Hello everyone,

I am very interested in different styles of texturing, but as new self learning 3d Artist sometimes it is hard to find tutorials, or other information how to achieve certain goal.

I would like to make armors and weapons similar to Lineage 2 style/game. Here is link how armors look like

I would like to know, if this armor textures are all hand painted in Photoshop?
Are there some other more faster ways to make such details on armors and weapons (with materials maybe)?

If there is someone, who knows any tutorials or other information, how to texture armors and weapons and is willing to share, I will be very thankful.



The site loads slowly for me, and there seems to be a very large number of links there, not all of which lead to armor. Can you screen-capture one or two of your favorite armors and show them here, and I’ll try to see if I can tell something of how they were done. But from the general style of the site I’d say it’s mostly hand-painted, with some textures or parts of textures probably originating from photos, one way or another.

As for tutorials, I don’t know a perfect one to fit what you ask for. I searched youtube and found these 44, I haven’t watched them but surely there must be something in there somewhere that’s relevant. :slight_smile:


I made this short tutorial ages ago, maybe it helps…


Ok, here are links, how armors look like. You can see even more if you google Lineage 2 armors.



To answer your question, yes imo these are handpainted in Photoshop, no, I don’t think there are any faster ways of doing it. My guess anyway.


I came across this today, not armor exactly, but I think what they do here they also do for the armor, the general workflow and such