How to make some area darker using rotoshape?


Hello everyone…recently started working with shake…still struggling with it, just wondering how to make some area darker using rotoshape and how to control that if there is a slight camera movement?
if someone have any tutorial with screenshot…it will be a great help for me.

hope my question is not too lame…:hmm:



colorcorrected plate > switchmatte < roto, then over it back on top of your plate. Use a tracker to track the area of the plate and then apply that to the roto so it moves with your camera.


here is a picture. It will give you a ballpark on where to go. You really should though try reading through the pdf tutorials which come with Shake. They cover much of this as it is compositing 101 material.


In that example you could also connect the rotoshape directly to the matte input on the side of the Mult1 node, and then you’d be done without needing the switchmatte and over nodes.

The other issue you asked about (tracking points to move the rotoshape or move points within the rotoshape) is still more complex, but there are some tutorials on that.



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