how to make smooth path speed


I have a group of objects, moving on a path constaint, they are traveling with a constant speed along the line.
When I look on the track view curve edittor, I find the ‘percent’ view, here I can modify the speeds of the traveling objects,

My question is, how can I make my objects to slow down slowly?

I can’t make a curve in the editting view.
Normaly you can change it by clicking on the right mouse button, but it dosn’t work here?
Does somebody know how to do this?



The default controller type for Path Constraints (the Percent controller) is Linear Float. If you want to adjust the easing you first have to set the controller to Bezier Float



it worked!


Hi, I’m having the same problem, however, it seems that linear float is locked. I’m using Max 7 and I never had this problem before. How would I unlock this so I can make my curves bezier?


Never mind, found it


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