How to make multi colored particle hair in blender Cycles?


How do I make blender particle hair one color at the base of the particle hair and fade into a different color at the tip?


I’ll cover both Cycles and Blender internal ways using Blender v2.78. These are just basic methods that can control color, transparency and even other things.
Note: Have a separate material for your hair.

This one is a bit straight forward. Hair info node is what you need. Using the intercept to color the hair along the strand. You can influence it by a color ramp or RGB curves.

Here I used a mix node to influence it. With this set up, the root would be the grey instead of my texture.
Your ColorRamp influence works like this. Left is the Base and Right will be the Tips of the Hair Particles. So in this case the Base will be grey and my Tips will be my texture.
The mix node fac works like a mix shader; Color1=Black and Color2=White


Blender Internal:
Same procedure… Well, sort of. You’ll be using the texture tab in your properties panel. Use a blend texture and have the mapping coordinates to Strand/Particle. Checking the Ramp allows you to adjust the influence and color just like a ColorRamp in Cycles.

Be sure to have this blend texture under your body fur/hair texture to influence it. If it’s just the tips of your particle then I recommend using the alpha slider on either end of the color ramp like shown. Of course you also have the color influence down at the bottom of your panel under [Influence] for over all influence of the texture.