How to make light from texture in V-ray?



In that case I should do the following steps.

  1. Model the ring
  2. UV the ring
  3. Export UV to photoshop. Create an black map with just the lord of the rings text (white) at the center of the ring (black and white map)
  4. Go back to the 3D software, give it a gold metal material
  5. Vray works with material luminancel, so enable the luminance and link the map to it.

If that doesnt work.

You could also try to create 2 materials. 1 for the gold metal and the other for the luminance material with an alpha map. so you have a luminance ring and the alpha map will only let the letters get through.

Hope it will work!


Thanks for answer. I get the idea of how to make it and theoretically it should be easy to do, but I struggle with masking the text with VrayLightMaterial. Any tips how to solve this?


Seems like the UV is not correctly.

But I shouldn’t use the Vraylight material since you’ve other light sources in your scene i guess? Better use the standard VrayMtrl.

If you want to use the Vray lightMaterial you could also try to link the bitmap to the opacitiy channel of the material. Does that do something?