How to make glossy text on a matte business card?


My attempt:

 I tried using mental ray's templates for a matte finish (card) and glossy finish (text). I've been playing around with the material editor for a few hours and still no luck. I also can't seem to get the lighting right. I used omni light (I'm not the best at lighting). I'm aiming to make this business card look like this (more or less): 



You might want to use lower glossiness on text, and another thing that really helps with readability of the text even in the shade, is the bump. So perhaps add a bump to make the text get some rim lighting. Also it’s quite obvious that the example is more lit (brighter) than your card, and that will definitely help with shading it right - unless you the card is supposed to be a dark gray of course.


illuminate your scene with a directional light instead of omni so that the card is evenly lit